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Creating a world where every rabbit is safe, happy, and healthy.

We have a New Facility!

Connecticut’s only stand-alone rabbit adoption and education center

We have successfully opened a new facility in Ellington, CT with the help of our incredible supporters and volunteers. Want to make a positive impact on the lives of sick and neglected rabbits?

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Meet Bramble

Bramble is an old soul whose number one desire in life is to be pet forever and always. He jumps and binkies at the sight of his foster parents until he is given free roam from his pen, and then he gives kisses and nudges until you sit to pet him. He is the sweetest boy who will spend hours sitting next to you for pets. His litter box habits are fair at this point, but that will likely improve after his recent neuter procedure. In addition to pets, he loves blueberries and playing with his cardboard cupcake toy. He did well with his feline foster sibling, but we don't know how he would do with other animals or children at this time. He is deaf, so older, calmer children who aren't likely to startle him would likely be the best match. Overall, Bramble is a curious, gentle, loving boy, who wants nothing more than all the pets in the world from his forever family. Think you're up to the task?

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Ways You Can Help


Our organization operates entirely on donations from our supporters, which helps us feed and provide medical care to our rabbits. We also accept donations of supplies and volunteer services.


Open your home to a rescue rabbit in need. Fosters provide shelter and love to our recently rescued bunnies. We provide supplies and cover veterinary expenses while we find their forever home.


Looking for the new love of your life? We have the cutest rabbits in Connecticut available for adoption right now. Learn about our care standards and adoption process by following the link below.

what they’re saying

Everybunny Counts is dedicated to providing love, care, and shelter to all domestic rabbits. Even bunnies with problems interacting with humans are cared for and encouraged to socialize so that they can make that special connection and find a forever home.

Anya Abelsky

At first, Ferd would run and hide at the sound and sight of us, but through a lot of patience, he was able to overcome his fear and become a happy, friendly, and curious rabbit. We loved him so much that he became a foster fail, and we adopted him into our family.

Anya Abelsky

Our foster bunny was originally found outside in December, scared, starving and frail. Within a week with us, he gained weight, confidence, and made himself comfortable in our home. It’s been incredible watching his transformation firsthand. You can tell he’s so thankful that we took him in!

Kim O'Malley

Adopting from Everybunny Counts was so wonderful that I did it twice! The staff are so knowledgeable, kind and committed to matching rabbits with their perfect families. I recommend them wholeheartedly to any current or future bun parent.

Lake Buckner

Everybunny Counts is a wonderful organization full of people who truly love bunnies and want to make a difference in their lives. Adopting my bunny Stitch from them has given me so much joy, and I love my continued volunteer work with the organization.

Emily Garth

Help! I found a wild rabbit!

Please note that our rescue only provides care for domestic rabbits. If you have found a wild rabbit in distress, please refer to a Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator in Connecticut.